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Our Readers' Favorite News Sources

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In January 2003, we surveyed our readers with questions about books, news sources, and successful use of email. We got hundreds of answers, in response to this:

    "We benefit from a vast array of other news sources and we imagine you do as well. Help us learn about them by telling us what the most valuable online and print news sources are for you."

But of those, these received more than one vote. Today, in honor of the sixth anniversary of the founding of Nonprofit Online News, we honor all these other wonderful sources of news used by nonprofit readers.

-- Michael C. Gilbert

Best online news sources and URL: NPO Specific

  1. BoardCafe, CompassPoint:
  2. Charity Channel:
  3. Charity Village:
  4. Chronicle of Philanthropy:
  5. Foundation Center:
  6. Grant Station:
  7. Idealist:
  8. ISTR - Int'l Society for Third-Sector Research:
  9. MAP for Nonprofits:
  10. Philanthropy Journal:
  11. Philanthropy News Digest:
  12. PNN Online:
  14. Nonprofit Online News: Even though the intention was to get recommendations of news sources other than us, there were still more than a dozen people who mentioned us in the survey.


Best online news sources and URL: General

  1. ABC News:
  2. AlterNet:
  3. BBCi:
  4. Chicago Tribune:
  5. Christian Science Monitor:
  6. CNN:
  7. Common Dreams News Center:
  8. Econtent:
  10. Globe and Mail, The:
  11. Google News:
  12. International Herald Tribune:
  13. L.A. Times:
  14. MSN
  15. MSNBC:
  16. New York Times:
  18. NPR - National Public Radio:
  20. Site Pro News:
  21. Slate:
  22. Society Guardian :
  23. Truthout:
  24. Wall Street Journal:
  25. Washington Post Online:
  26. Yahoo:


Best print news source: NPO Specific

  1. Chronicle of Higher Education:
  2. Chronicle of Philanthropy:
  3. Contributions:
  4. The Nonprofit Quarterly:
  5. Nonprofit Times:


Best print news source: General

  1. Boston Globe:
  2. Christian Science Monitor:
  3. The Economist:
  4. The Globe and Mail:
  5. The Guardian:
  6. Los Angeles Times:
  7. The Nation:
  8. New York Times:
  9. New York Times Book Review:
  10. New Yorker:
  11. Newsweek:
  12. The Progressive:
  13. San Francisco Chronicle:
  14. USA Today:
  15. Utne Reader:
  16. Wall Street Journal:
  17. Washington Post:
  18. Wired:


If you found this article interesting or helpful,
please consider making a donation to Nonprofit Online News.
It will probably feel good!



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