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Current News

Blogs and Community

Nancy White is someone with whom I wish I worked more closely. Providing me with yet another reason, she's written a great overview of the key issues of and connections between Blogs and Community. In this paper, she clearly identifies the differences between the destination-centric and bounded community building environments of the past (such as bulletin boards and mailing lists) and the person-centric and emergent community building aspects of blogging.

Posted: 9/25/06; 1:34:54 PM #

Knowledge Management, Information Systems, and Organizations

Lisa Petrides' 2004 paper on Knowledge Management, Information Systems, and Organizations (12 page PDF) is full of insights drawn from the study of knowledge management initiatives in institutions of higher learning. Important topics include: Information Feedback Loops, Building Blocks of the Data-Information-Knowledge Cycle, Access to Reliable Data, and the Importance of Supporting a Culture of Inquiry.

Posted: 9/25/06; 1:29:58 PM #

The Living Library

The Living Library of the Dropping Knowledge Project is both intriguing and a little opaque. Since that's what some people think of my own work and since I appreciate the payoff of the occasional learning curve, I have found it to be a rich and powerful environment for social and political media sharing. Check it out and take your time.

Posted: 9/25/06; 1:15:44 PM #

Civil Society in India

Ever since the start of my relationship with SANGONeT and Southern African civil society, I have been investing time in studying the forms and issues of civil organizations in developing nations. In this short article on Civil Society in India, Patralekha Chatterjee describes their sector in the context of the Gandhian tradition of volunteerism.

Posted: 9/25/06; 1:06:10 PM #

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